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To be the best at anything, you have to love what you do. At FINAL TOUCH, our passion is for building one-of-a-kind rustic homes, one at a time. Homes that blend in well with the environment. That are distinctive–yet functional. That always reflect the unique personality of the owner. Whenever possible, we try to add a distinct flavor and a personal touch to even the most routine aspects of a home. An oak table built into a log column. Individually distressed floor planks. Hand-scribed cedar railings. Or a rounded door frame. So when we finish a job, we find it difficult to leave. Because inside every home, we leave a little bit of ourselves. Our sweat. Our creativity. And our passion for perfection.


A home is only as different as the personal vision that accompanies it. At FINAL TOUCH our job is to understand the customer’s vision and build on it. Which is why, before we begin a job, we sit down and get to know the unique characteristics of the owner:  their needs, their interests, their sense of style. We ask questions. How will the home be decorated? How will it be used? Will it be a family cabin or a retirement home? Do the owners entertain often? Do they have grandkids? The true mark of a great builder lies in his ability to listen. To understand a customer’s dreams and convert them into a home that fulfills them.


What sets one rustic home apart from another? Is it the size of the logs? The stone used to construct the fireplace? The roof lines? The fact is, it’s the tiny details that separate an average home from one of distinction. A shelf with a one-of-a kind live edge. A light fixture from custom bent wood. A deck with perfectly dovetailed timbers. FINAL TOUCH prescribes to the theory that richness isn’t defined by the cost of the materials, but in the detail and craftsmanship that is applied to it.


A set of plans may accurately define the scope of a building, but it rarely reflects a home’s true potential. As a home takes shape, new possibilities are constantly discovered. A pocket door. A built-in cubby. An odd-shaped window. A hidden room. A builder that has the vision to recognize these creative opportunities, yet is equally as skilled at controlling the cost, is truly a rare talent. FINAL TOUCH has built its reputation on striking such a balance.


Many builders believe that the bigger the crew, the better and faster the home will be built. On paper, it’s a nice concept. But in reality, the focus on speed can amount to missed opportunities, miscommunications, and costly overages. FINAL TOUCH typically works in close-knit crews of two to three–a size that enables the project to move efficiently, without losing the sense of creativity and cohesion that makes our homes distinctive. A smaller crew makes it easier for the owners to communicate and make changes, which allows unplanned challenges to become opportunities for surprising design elements.

What Are You Searching For?

A four-season family retreat? Your dream retirement home? A summer get-away? Whatever your idea of the perfect Northwoods home, FINAL TOUCH can help create the kind of place you’ve always dreamed of. Give us a call day or night. We’d be happy to walk you through one of the homes we’ve built. Make an appointment to talk to our past clients, most of whom have become friends–which is a greater testament to our abilities than any finished home will ever be. And find out for yourself how FINAL TOUCH can build a home for you unlike any other. It’s your story, make it memorable.

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